Agri-food production units

The agri-food sector:It is essentially characterized by the presence of the following production units:
- 83 flour and semolina production units.
-Unit of output of refined edible oil by the AFIA-International Company at Oran
-Unit of refining of the sugar situated in the wilaya of Mostaganem producing approximately 200 tons / day of white sugar and the wilya of Oran producing 700 miles tons a year.
The table below shows the main production units :

Number of beverage production units (sparkling and still) 40
Number of water production units Mineral waters 2
water sources 2
Number of pasteurized milk production units packed in bags (1 L) 15
Number of edible oil production units 1
Number of mills production of flour 76
production semolina 1
semolina flour mixed production 6
Number of meat products production units 9
Number of sugar refining units 2