Presentation of the region of Oran

      The region of Oran includes the northwest of the country. Administratively ,it is divided into five (05) wilaya among which the city of Oran ,metropolis of more a million inhabitants making of her the second city of Algeria .Due to its geographical position the region of Oran has sizeable assets so natural as economic making of her an industrial and tourist pole.

     It population is estimated about 4 million inhabitants that is 12% of the national population.

   As for the storekeepers registered on the commercial register,their number amounts to 225058,that is 12,27 % of all the national inscription in the register of trade ,so returning regional ratio , (01) trading for 20 inhabitants.

  The business sector of the services represents to him only :40% of all the merged activities ,followed respectively by the sector retail trade with 39% ,the sector of the industrial production with 15% wholesale trade with 4% and import export with 2%.