The food cold chain of products

The respect for the cold chain consists in maintaining the cooled food in a low temperature which allows them to keep their qualities nutritional and organoleptic and to keep them healthy at the place of production in the cooking(kitchen).

 The limit cold stops the proliferation of the microorganism so for that reason the perishable foodstuffs must be maintained between +0°C and 4°C for the every perishable products (meats, poultry, meat-based pasteurized, produced milk) and inferior to + 6 °C for perishable foodstuffs (butter, matiers fat, fresh(cool) dairy products)

The break of the cold chain is the consequence of the rise of the prescribed temperatures. Everything heightens of temperature cause and accelerates the microbial growth and reduces the life expectancy(cycle) of the product: a healthy product can become a product at risk show in  aspect and taste.

 Few Basics rules of hygiene

a) Vigilance on the origin

it is necessary to be attentive at the origin of the food which we consume. The origin is not always security of food safety, but it gives information which can be useful (in the case of risks of epidemics, in the zones of origins of products).

b) Vigilance on the best before date

The best before date is the date from which the product is not good anymore to consume. If we do not respect this date, we risk a food poisoning. This risk is particularly big for meats, poultry and eggs.

c)Vigilance during the preparation

 Some simple and effective rules, to apply in any event to cook in complete safety:

- A kitchen and utensils of an irreproachable cleanliness , and cleaned between every recipe;

- food stored in adopted conditions 

- Refrigerators for some, freezers for others, and at ambient temperature for some, always by avoiding that they are in contact some with the others, to eliminate any possibility of contamination.

d) Vigilance of preservation

Respect always the indications of preservation on packagings and cold chain … (a defrosted product cannot be again frozen)

  1°)Meat-based products

     a)Cooked meat-based products

  - Vigilance to be observed during the purchase or the consumption of the cooked meat-based products;

- Respect for the temperatures of preservation;

- labeling in particular dates of manufacture and lapsing ;

- Avoid the boxes of pâtés presenting an obvious bombage or in damaged state.

    b)Minced meat

- Be careful : do not buy any minced meat prepared in advance or with frozen meat;

- Require it at the place and  in your demand.


- Never buy Merguez exposed to sale outdoors /or on punlic roads (in public);

- Respect for the cooking of this foodstuff

d) slaughtered poultry 

 - Require eviscerated and labelled poultry ;

 - Respect the temperature of preservation(0°C-4°C).


    a) Purchase of fruits and vegetables

        - Buy fruits and vegetables which are neither bruised nor damaged, clean and withered;

       - To keep at the cool ;

        -To separate foodstuffs not transformed to avoid the cross-contamination.

    b) Cleaning of fruits and vegetables 

 - Throw fruits and vegetables which are rotten;

- Remove the bruised or damaged parts because the harmful bacteria can developper in these parts;

 - Clean them with so necessary drinking water added to some drops of water of javel.